Evolving Offices

Keeping up with the times

As offices have diversified from being closed offices, to cubicles, to open concept, one thing has remained the same, the hardware and devices to run the office still consist of a computer, a phone, and the network. As times change, those pieces may become faster, more portable, and provide more options, but the basics of what they provide remains the same. Businesses, of all sizes and complexities, have the same major problems when it comes to their standard office technology – it ages and needs to be replaced, as it gets slower it costs valuable productivity, and it costs a lot to upkeep, maintain, secure, backup and repair. With Uniserve’s Office-in-a-Box solution, all of those are problems of the past.

Everything You Need In One Package

Similar to Hardware-as-a-Service, Uniserve has built a product that allows businesses to completely take the worry away from their IT and focus solely on their business. The Office-in-a-Box solution provides hardware for computers and laptops, phones, all networking equipment, and productivity software – the hardware and software you need for any successful office environment.

Some of what is covered in Uniserve’s Office-in-a-Box solution:

  • Laptops / Desktops
  • Unified Communications / Phones
  • Network Routers / Switches / Wireless Access Points
  • Backups / Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise Security
  • Productivity Software
  • PC Management
  • White Glove Support

All hardware is business grade to ensure that the power, stability and reliability are there when you need it. Enterprise security suite, a full backup solution, monitoring and tailored updates are all built in to the package to ensure that your data is protected. Through the white glove support, should anything happen, due to hardware failure, cyber threat/ransomware, your data is recovered from backup to get you back up and running asap.

Business Grade

How we can help

At Uniserve we don’t believe in a one solution fits all methodology

We know and understand your business is unique and that you have unique challenges to overcome. We offer I.T. solutions to fit every business size and every business model. From managed hardware to managed services, internet and telephony, we have services to help your organization grow and succeed. Trusted as an industry leader for over 30 years, our mission is to bring you feature rich services at affordable prices bundled with the best customer service in the industry. While we have solutions that cover all possible scenarios, our team will work with you to customize a solution to fit your business.

Our customers are raving fans!

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