MSPs Help Business Stay on the Cutting Edge

When economies struggle, small businesses often bear the brunt. Even in a thriving market, it’s difficult for them to stay afloat. Today’s global, digital marketplace provides the opportunity for greater success, allowing any company to reach a broader customer base. But a business without a big budget often has trouble accessing the technology it needs to keep up with larger competitors. Enter managed service providers (MSPs) who offer practical solutions to level the playing field.

What Does a Managed Service Provider Do?

In a nutshell, MSPs function as the IT go to guys. They provide all the services of a full-fledged IT department, without the in-house overhead or hardware expenses. Most MSPs work on a flat fee per month, and many specialize in quality services on small-business budgets. Some of the services MSPs provide include:

  • Infrastructure upgrades and maintenance
  • 24-7 network monitoring
  • Heightened network security and network support
  • Data backup and storage
  • Application hosting
  • Access to the latest software platforms and critical applications
  • Technical Support

The Keys to Global Business Success
These days, companies of all sizes and specialties can market their products and services to the entire world through the Internet. But with that global access comes a downside, global competition. Online customers expect a certain level of technical savvy from the companies they do business with—and if you don’t have it, they’ll find someone who does. To be competitive, your business website needs:

  • Speed, reliability, and security
  • Instant access to customer-centric data, including product or service information, sales help, and contact forms
  • Scalability to handle fluctuating traffic and server demands (after all, nothing sends customers to your competition faster than a downed website)
  • A secure, integrated order processing system, as well as internal and external business support