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Managed Services
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At Uniserve “Total Care” means all elements of an organization…Best of Breed; our People, our Experiences, our Processes, all combined with impeccable delivery.

Our Sweet Spot
Companies of 20 – 250

Our managed services deliver a total care solution to ensure your business IT infrastructure is taken care of and supports your business needs. Whether IT is strategic to your business, critical for service delivery, or you are looking at optimizing costs, our packages are designed with your business needs in mind.

When you work with our managed services team we review your systems, processes and people (needs) to build a managed service package from our menu of items to meet your business requirements.

We work with you to understand what you are trying to accomplish today and going forward. We’ll identify the risks and any gaps. Then will build you a roadmap that supports where you are going. Whether it’s growth, acquisitions, stream lining operations or more, we’ll ensure your managed services package meets those requirements and follows our strict delivery guidelines.

Security, backup and uptime are at the heart of everything we do as these are the critical items needed to be taken care of in today’s environment. It’s all included in all our base price total care packages. Then we’ll work with you, discussing your digital transformation, growth and technology needs required to give you the greatest impact.

Our total care Managed Services look after the following components of your business environment:

Network (internal network)

  • Your network is your business connectivity environment – it could be composed of a firewall, switches and wireless network inside your office, or could involve multiple locations, remote offices, cloud servers and more. As part of our managed services package, we look at all the points of connectivity and the hardware and software managing it and create a risk analysis, monitoring and patching plan, as well as an uptime delivery model.

Connectivity (external network)

  • Connectivity is the internet pipe that connects your location(s) to the internet, tools resources and other sites. There are many options available. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the right technology in place at the best price available.

Server (On premise and cloud)
“Did you know that to build your server there are 430 steps…”

  • We provide managed IT services, support and monitoring for both your on-premise servers and cloud solutions, ensuring your business systems and applications are performing, updated and secure. As each environment is different, it allows us to review your environment and propose a managed support package and schedule that meets your business and technology requirements.


  • The desktop or laptop is the interface your team works on. These devices need to be patched and secure and monitored against threats. Additionally, they need to perform. We perform regular maintenance for patching as well as run an agent that allows us to monitor the health of your desktops all part of our affordable managed services solutions. It’s no longer effective to just look at the servers and ignore the desktop where your users work.
  • Careful monitoring allows us to see performance issues and hardware resource issues and give you a roadmap to repair or replace to ensure your systems perform. We can work with you on asset management to know what’s deployed and its age, address any ageing questions, or out of date software that may be a risk to your security or may no longer be supported, and a roadmap for replacement to enable you to budget and proactively manage your costs. In addition we offer end-user security training to help your team become aware of the threats that might come in via email and other sources and not execute on those risks, or call and ask for help before .

It isn’t one product, it is a series of products, working together to secure your business.

  • Security is one of the hottest topics today and so it should be with active threats coming at your business on a multitude of levels looking to access cash, data or simply shut you down. We approach security seriously and through a series of events and practices to help you mitigate your risks – we review systems, setups, processes and procedures.
  • Although its absolutely critical to use best of breed firewall and antivirus software, one of the biggest risks today are your people and the ability to click on links that execute attacks. A holistic and thorough approach is the only way to be the best you can be, in addition to having a solid robust and tested backup plan in place.
  • Companies have locks on the doors, monitored security and protocols to ensure those systems work and can’t be by passed. And it is the same with your software.Talk to us about your business and we’ll work to build a security protocol that works with your business.


  • People bring a plethora of devices into the work environment, and often use software on those devices that’s outside of IT’s scope – generally because it’s easier. We work with you to evaluate the risk and design solutions that enable you to protect your business while enabling your employees to work.
  • The flip side of mobility is the workforce is used to tools that are on those devices and when the corporate IT is limited, people work around it. We can work with you to determine what that risk/usage factor is and build and deliver the tools your team needs so they don’t have to work around IT to get their jobs done.

Data Backup

  • Apart from the ability to operate your business, data backup is the most critical part of IT infrastructure because it’s the fall back position, it’s the one thing that has to be in place for you to rely on in the event several worst-case scenarios happen (system failure, virus, hacking, ransomware).
  • Backup is a critical component of our managed service offering because it’s critical to your survival and ability to recover from whatever may happen. While we design your IT to minimize these risks, we focus on making sure your backup is there when you need it.
  • How we do this – we can work with your existing backup and augment it with Uniserve – each business is different and the setup unique to support that – we review what you have, your goals and work to ensure your managed IT services meet your business needs. If you are looking for our cloud backup, please click here for our online back up products.

Business Continuity

  • Business continuity is a critical series of events, and systems that support your business ability to operate while recovering from something that may cause you to cease operations – while it could be IT systems related (failure, hack, connectivity failure,) it could also be a site issue or a localized disaster.
  • Our team works with you to understand your business needs and how your IT systems operate – whether a single site, multi site or cloud based operation, we can create a system to build in redundancy and a failover plan that works.

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster recovery is the ability for your business to recover from a disaster – which could be localized to your location such as a fire or flood which closes your access, power or connectivity, to something more widespread such as geographic issue – fire, tornado, widespread power outages. Regardless, you need a business continuity plan that addresses a multitude of issues and ensures you can operate. As we go through the continuity assessment we look at your operational process and procedures, personnel and the systems that support those. From there we can identify areas of risk and address them, through use of technology, process and people.

Road map work flow and productivity

  • We work with you to learn about where your business is going, growing and any challenges you are facing to build a timeline and budget and roadmap that works for you, as well as be able to add identify additional areas.


  • We use enterprise monitoring on all systems to be able to provide support, troubleshooting, trending and issue identification) – our monitoring agents alert our support team to issues and outages so we have as much information as possible to be able to troubleshoot an issue and address it as quickly as possible. Gone are the days of waiting for customers to call to tell us a system is down or not performing. We know as soon as you do, if not before and our monitoring systems can often show us in advance when an issue is coming. It’s not always going to catch everything but we do everything we can to ensure we have the visibility to see everything we can.


  • Our reporting system takes into account a number of data sets to produce a report – state of the union – and enables us to have a business discussion around your IT systems – what’s your data storage trending at – when do you need more – are we seeing risks and need to up security, are we seeing a trend in same support tickets and training is required? We gather multiple data sets and are able to provide data to review your environment and make decisions.

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Internal and external vulnerability scans enable us to locate areas of risk both inside your network and on your public facing systems. Those vulnerabilities can then be addressed and patched.

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